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A raw food beginners guide.

What is Raw Food.

You’ve been eating raw vegan food your whole life, it’s just never been worded that way. You have been enjoying apples, oranges, and maybe the occasional banana since you were a child.

Yes! In its simplest form, raw vegan means fruitsvegetables, seeds, nuts and sprouted grains  all heated below 118 degrees.

What’s so important about that number? A lot! That number ensures that the natural vitamins and life-sustaining enzymes are preserved. Unlike cooked food that is heated above 118 degrees and is void of nutrients, raw food is full of nutrients that heal your body and preserve it from future sickness.

How To Start A Raw Food Diet.

The best way to begin a raw food lifestyle is with the right equipment and an “uncook” cookbook dedicated to simple and delicious recipes. You will need a blender, food processor, dehydrator, and a nutmilk bag. Then as you become more experienced with preparing raw foods you can purchase extras like an ice cream maker and juicer.

There are many raw food books on the market, and some have recipes that are not beginner-friendly. When choosing a raw food book make sure you look at the sample recipes to make sure they contain ingredients you are familiar with and that are easy to find. Also make sure that the steps aren’t too time consuming and difficult. Having ten or more tried and true beginner recipes you know how to make is the prerequisite for a successful raw food lifestyle.

What Can Raw Do For You?

A raw food lifestyle is adept at preventing disease in the body; this is achieved by creating an alkaline environment and continual vitamin and nutrient support. When these two areas of health are supported, it is virtually impossible for sickness to take root because your immune system is functioning at its optimum and infections can’t grow in an alkaline oxygenated environment.

Increased Enzymes

Enzymes are the building blocks of life; when we run out of them we die. Eating raw foods allows you to keep your own enzymes because there are enough in the raw foods to accomplish the job of digestion.This “enzyme bank” allows you to add to your own storage—prolonging your life and turning back the hands of aging while increasing your energy level.

 Improve Mental Clarity and Moods

This is a major benefit to those who adopt a raw foods lifestyle. Your brain is a very important organ in your body. When you fuel your brain with the necessary foods it needs to make neurotransmitters and brain chemicals, it works better tenfold. Many raw foodies have cured themselves of depression and even bipolar disorder by adopting a raw lifestyle. Your mood also improves dramatically when going raw. I find myself excited courageous, loving, and eager to meet each day without any crashes.
However, don’t take my word for it—go raw for one week and prove me right. Personally, I can testify to experiencing a closer walk with God directly because I cleared out the toxins that were interrupting my clarity and clogging up my mind.

Highly Trusted Resources For Raw Food Beginners.

I love shopping at The Raw Food World because they always have specials and deals going on. Also they have one of the largest selections of raw food and equipment online.

Vitamix I have never looked back since purchasing a Vitamix blender. It’s expensive but it blends hard foods like
nuts without burning out. Also your smoothies taste so much better because the blades are powerful and processes even the smallest particles. If you purchase less expensive blenders they will burn out, and you might spend over two hundred dollars replacing them.

A dehydrator is your new “oven.”It dries out the moisture in your foods without killing valuable nutrients. Use it to make pizza crusts, cereals, and granolas—the list goes on. If you can afford it you should get an Excalibur dehydrator. I have had one for over five years and it still does the job.

Hamilton Beach makes the best food processors. I used mine for almost ten years commercially and at home and it still works excellently. Use your food processor to make raw nutmeats, granola, nut and seed flours, cookies, and raw cheeses.

Nut Milk Bag is kind of like cheesecloth, but easier to use. Use it to strain creamy nut and seed milks. I use mine almost every day; you can purchase nut milk bags online at Amazon or The Raw Food World.

Practically Raw is a great book for raw food beginners and people transitioning into a raw food diet because it gives you the flexibility to lightly heat some of the raw food recipes. This allows beginner to not only go raw but stay the high raw course because there satisfied.

Raw Food Made Easy for 1 or 2 People This is an excellent first book for raw food beginners, the recipes are super simple,delicious and don’t require a dehydrator.

More Raw Food Beginner Books

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