Effortless Nutter Butter Ice cream A Vegan Recipe

by shernell on March 13, 2013

This easy raw vegan recipe is the light of my life and fire of my loins. OK, I don’t completely know if I have loins, but this ice cream is absolutely delicious. I promise you, if you make it, you will be pleased with yourself that you did.

Butter Ice Cream Recipe

Call me a raw vegan food food snob but my raw food cuisine has to taste just as good,or not better than cooked food. My brain remembers those mind blowing food experiences I had  and it won’t allow me to settle for anything else.

Stop believing that you need dairy to make incredibly great tasting ice cream. You don’t even need allot of nuts,if any to make creamy, rich ice cream. This recipe uses the creamy texture of bananas for it’s base and almond butter to give it a rich,creamy milk like flavor.

Yummy Ice Cream Recipes Tips

Bananas are also a  feel good food and helps to improve your mood,so “meek di ting” My Bajan Side is coming out,oh no.



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