The Raw Food Beginner Chef


I created the “Raw” Food Beginner Chef brand to be a safe haven for anyone interested in adding more raw and vegan foods to their diet. I believe that raw vegan food isn’t a religion or a cult in which 100 percent raw vegan is always the goal.I’m not a “health coach” or certified nutritionist; I’m simply someone who has benefited from incorporating more raw vegan foods into her diet and has a strong passion for the culinary arts. I purposely only speak about raw vegan foods through my own perspective, and I realize and respect that others are on their own raw vegan journey.—Shernell

Shernell Cooke is a food writer, cookbook author, and blogger with a background as colorful as her personality. Her culinary education has been a mix of on-the-job training, formal classes at the Institute of Culinary Education in New York, and private kitchen experiments. Shernell’s experience includes:

Head chef preparing raw food at a health food store
Prep cook at a Hyatt brand
  Years of  on the job training

She has also been a contributing editor to Purely Delicious magazine.

Shernell’s friends and fans describe her as down-to-earth but also wickedly funny. In addition to her love for cooking, she also has a fondness for the TV show “Good Times,” which is her favorite stress reliever. Originally from Barbados, she now lives in Westchester.

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