5 Things You Didn’t Know About Prunes

If you’re from the Caribbean like me,you think of eating prunes as a punishment. I can distinctively remember my grandmother pouring me a tall glass of this overly sweet black stuff. Although it was sweet,it looked and tasted horribly. Oh my goodness, it was certainly something to be gulped not savored. However fresh prunes are a whole different story.

1.Fresh Prunes are beautiful,juicy and bursting with a fresh floral sent.

2. They make an exceptional tasting drink that isn’t overly sweet but just sweet enough to make it great tasting.

3. Fresh prunes have a higher antioxidant content than the dried ones.

4. In raw food recipes fresh prunes can be made into  delicious crumbles and fruit crisps.

5. Fresh prunes blend well with other fruits making it great to add to fruit salads. Also you can easily make a tasty  raw food jam by placing fresh prunes in your food processor with goji berries and dates.

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