11 Reasons to Drop Everything and Buy My Book

1. Cooking from my book is easy and with no hard to find ingredients it will be used over and over again.

2. My book has step by step tutorials which leaves the guess work out of  un-cooking and cooking.

3. The recipes are amazingly  delicious;that just happens to be one of my gifts. Even if I’m making a recipe for the first time they always come out delicious.

4. My Jerk Bacon recipe really tastes like real bacon.

5. My book has over one hundred vivid photographs to get you motivated and into the kitchen.

6. The recipes in my book are all made from scratch, most are ready in 30 mins or less and are hearty and satisfying.

7. Many of the recipes in my book don’t call for a dehydrator or the use of specialty equipment.

8. All of the recipes are easy to make.

9. You will save money when you buy my book because you won’t have to purchase any specialty ingredients or equipment to make most of my recipes.

10. My book is versatile, you can easily make hearty,filling meals by paring my recipes with easy to find staples like potatoes and rice.

Below I made a vegan shepherds pie by paring my Walnut Loaf recipe with garlic mashed potatoes. You can also pair my Barbequed Cauliflower recipe with rice.

11. I lost over 22 pounds in little over a month using the recipes from my book.

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