10 Delicious Ways To Eat Grapes

1.  If you’re not a food combination snob you can totally sweeten up your green juices with grapes.2. Champagne darling. Yes! I love making grape champagne;it’s such an easy raw food recipe to make. Simply juice your favorite grape variety add mineral water and a little sweetener.
3.Frozen grapes are the business,they’re better than eating popcorn or chips.
4. Did you know that you could dip grapes in raw vegan white chocolate and eat them as an appetizer?
5. Grapes make a great muffin topper,they caramelize in the oven and make a pretty presentation.
6. Blended grape raw yogurt drink is one of my favorites. You simply blend grapes in your blender with cashews and a little sweetener.
7. Grapes make a great oatmeal topper.
8. You can blend grapes and dates in your food processor for grape jelly.
9. Simply place frozen plums and grapes in your food processor with a little liquid sweetener for a delicious sorbet.
10. Grape granita is an Italian favorite that is sure to please. Simply blend grapes with a little water,sweetener and cardamom. Then freeze in a small square pan, scrape with a fork,then serve.

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