Back On Track Raw Vegan Juice

by shernell on April 17, 2014

_MG_0014 (800x1200) Seriously, who needs a back on track raw vegan juice recipe ? I sure do. I have indulged in a few,okay six fried vegan garlic fritters. What was I thinking ? I wasn’t thinking, just chewing.

_MG_0028 (3) (847x1200) (794x1100) (722x1000)However I’m human and I’m not going to beat myself up or feel disappointed. I’m just going to make a simple raw juice recipe and move on with my healthy lifestyle. I suggest you do the same.

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Back On Track Raw Vegan Juice


  • 5 organic apples (when possible)
  • knob of ginger


  1. Juice and drink and forget the past !

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1. First of all,did you know that grapefruit originated from Barbados ? Yes ! I had to put that first. A small Caribbean Island in which I happen to be from, gave the world it’s first grapefruit.

2.  A couple of months back I did a raw food recipe post about grapefruit and it was also featured on raw food ? Check it out !

3. The whole month of February is dedicated to celebrating grapefruits.

4.  Grapefruits used to be called shadocks because they were brought over by captain shadock of Barbados.

5. Peak season for grapefruit is  between  January—April.

6. The scientific name for grapefruit  is Citrus X Paradise. The island of Barbados is also sometimes refereed to as “The Paradise”

7.  Drinking grapefruit juice with certain medications can cause instant death. “Aint no body got time for dat.”

8. Grapefruit smooths rough skin. Follow this recipe from East West Daily For Smooth Skin. ” Cut one in half, sprinkle on a teaspoon of sugar (a mild exfoliant), and rub over your skin. Skip your face, though—grapefruit can irritate a sensitive complexion.”- (

9. Grapefruit juice makes a great green cleaner. Simply juice some grapefruit over dirty counter-tops, scrub and wipe down.

10.  Grapefruits come in many colors like yellow,pink,white or ruby. The white ones have fewer calories.

11. When choosing a grapefruit it should be glossy with golden skin and heavy for it’s size.

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5 Things You Didn’t Know About Prunes

by shernell on March 24, 2014


If you’re from the Caribbean like me,you think of eating prunes as a punishment. I can distinctively remember my grandmother pouring me a tall glass of this overly sweet black stuff. Although it was sweet,it looked and tasted horribly. Oh my goodness, it was certainly something to be gulped not savored. However fresh prunes are a whole different story.

1.Fresh Prunes are beautiful,juicy and bursting with a fresh floral sent.

2. They make an exceptional tasting drink that isn’t overly sweet but just sweet enough to make it great tasting.

3. Fresh prunes have a higher antioxidant content than the dried ones.

4. In raw food recipes fresh prunes can be made into  delicious crumbles and fruit crisps.

5. Fresh prunes blend well with other fruits making it great to add to fruit salads. Also you can easily make a tasty  raw food jam by placing fresh prunes in your food processor with goji berries and dates.


10 Delicious Ways To Eat Grapes

by shernell on March 19, 2014

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1.  If you’re not a food combination snob you can totally sweeten up your green juices with grapes.

2. Champagne darling. Yes! I love making grape champagne;it’s such an easy raw food recipe to make. Simply juice your favorite grape variety add mineral water and a little sweetener.

3.Frozen grapes are the business,they’re better than eating popcorn or chips.

4. Did you know that you could dip grapes in raw vegan white chocolate and eat them as an appetizer?

5. Grapes make a great muffin topper,they caramelize in the oven and make a pretty presentation.

6. Blended grape raw yogurt drink is one of my favorites. You simply blend grapes in your blender with cashews and a little sweetener.

7. Grapes make a great oatmeal topper.

8. You can blend grapes and dates in your food processor for grape jelly.

9. Simply place frozen plums and grapes in your food processor with a little liquid sweetener for a delicious sorbet.

10. Grape granita is an Italian favorite that is sure to please. Simply blend grapes with a little water,sweetener and cardamom. Then freeze in a small square pan, scrape with a fork,then serve.

11 Reasons to Drop Everything and Buy My Book

by shernell on January 21, 2014

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1. Cooking from my book is easy and with no hard to find ingredients it will be used over and over again.

2. My book has step by step tutorials which leaves the guess work out of  un-cooking and cooking.

3. The recipes are amazingly  delicious;that just happens to be one of my gifts. Even if I’m making a recipe for the first time they always come out delicious.

4. My Jerk Bacon recipe really tastes like real bacon.

5. My book has over one hundred vivid photographs to get you motivated and into the kitchen.

6. The recipes in my book are all made from scratch, most are ready in 30 mins or less and are hearty and satisfying.

7. Many of the recipes in my book don’t call for a dehydrator or the use of specialty equipment.

8. All of the recipes are easy to make.

9. You will save money when you buy my book because you won’t have to purchase any specialty ingredients or equipment to make most of my recipes.

10. My book is versatile, you can easily make hearty,filling meals by paring my recipes with easy to find staples like potatoes and rice.

Below I made a vegan shepherds pie by paring my Walnut Loaf recipe with garlic mashed potatoes. You can also pair my Barbequed Cauliflower recipe with rice.

11. I lost over 22 pounds in little over a month using the recipes from my book.

So Drop everything and buy The Joy Of Raw and Vegan Cooking.

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Walnut Loaf recipe from The Joy Of Raw and Vegan Cooking

1 Essential Lesson for New Year Resolution Success

by shernell on December 31, 2013


Barbeque Cauliflower from The Joy Of Raw and Vegan Cooking

It’s that time of year when we often pen out all the things we want to accomplish in life. However, we sometimes underestimate the time it will take to achieve what we want and when we don’t get to check off everything on our list, we feel disappointed in ourselves.

Writing my fist book  took a great amount of dedication and patience. It was a roller coaster of emotions and took an overwhelming amount of hard work to accomplish. I know now that it’s wise to keep goals to a minimum because the worthwhile ones often take longer that we think to achieve.

So patience is the lesson.

My book will make an awesome gift for yourself  this new years.

Have a healthy and happy New Years from Shernell !


Tripple Berry Sorbet An Easy Raw Food Recipe

by shernell on November 7, 2013


This easy raw food recipe for sorbet is the best I’ve ever eaten. It has so much depth of flavor, yet it’s so  effortless to create.

I used frozen fruits instead of fresh because it allows you to eat the sorbet right away.You can find this easy raw food recipe, along with many others in my brand new book, The Joy Of Raw and Vegan Cooking.

I can’t write a long  post today because I have to go and workout. I have partnered with some great food bloggers for a virtual book tour. I will post the links to those when available.

Enjoy this easy raw food recipe and the rest of your day !

Tripple Berry Sorbet An Easy Raw Food Recipe

Tripple Berry Sorbet An Easy Raw Food Recipe


  • 3 cups mixed frozen berries
  • ½ cup or a little more maple syrup
  • 1 tablespoon vanilla powder
  • 1 cup water


  1. Blend well, strain with a nut milk bag and freeze or put into an ice cream maker.

10 Reasons To Love Donut Peaches Raw Food Recipe Tips

Have you ever had a donut peach ? These easy raw food recipe tips for this unconventional peach variety might give you a reason to try them.

1. They have less acid than conventional peaches which means they’re more sweeter .

2. Donut peaches have tender easy to chew flesh.

3. Because they’re sweeter than your conventional peach they taste better in smoothies.

4. They’re so delicious that your best bet is to eat them fresh out of hand.

5. They have a strong almond,floral- fresh sent

6. They’re the perfect round, flat, bit -sized shape,which makes them perfect for snacking.

7.  The pit inside the donut peach doesn’t cling to the white flesh. This makes them  easier to utilize in a recipe and eat.

8.  When selecting a perfect donut peach,make sure that they do not have any blemishes and are plump.

9. Not only are they sweeter than your conventional peach, but they’re juicer too.

10. Donut peaches can be found from April to October in the U.S.


Banana Cream Tart An Easy Raw Food Recipe

by shernell on November 4, 2013

I love creating easy raw food recipes when I’m happy and my mind is free. They always come out perfect and looking sensational.

This banana cream tart recipe might look intimidating to a beginner, but I assure you it’s not. If you’re going to make this tart consider it like making three easy recipes that you have to put together. You can choose  to simply make the banana cream and top it with fruits if you like.

My book is finally picking up some momentum ! Holla ! People that I shown it to are so impressed and they’re buying it. I am now focusing my efforts on two food products and a catering company. My food photography company is open, and I’m accepting new projects. A guy is sending me a cake in the mail and I can’t wait to shoot that for him.

Thank you so much for supporting The Raw Food Beginner Chef brand. Continue to enjoy these easy raw food recipes and purchase the book if you haven’t already. The Joy Of Raw and Vegan Cooking.

Banana Cream Tart Filling


  • 1 ripe banana
  • Meat of Two Young Thai Coconuts
  • 1 cup coconut water
  • ⅓ cup of raw cashews
  • ¼ teaspoon salt


  1. Blend all the ingredients together until creamy then chill in a medium bowl in the
  2. freezer.

Banana Cream Tart Crust


  • 1 cup of cashews
  • ⅓ cup almonds
  • 3 dates
  • 1 tablespoon of maple syrup
  • ¼ teaspoon salt


  1. 1 Process the first two ingredients until powder-like then add in the remaining ingredients
  2. and process until it starts to stick together.
  3. 2 Press the crust into a 9 inch pie pan.
  4. 3 Pour the fi lling over the crust, freeze for 30 minutes, and then add the fruit topping.

Banana Cream Tart Topping


  • Please use any combination of fruit you like.
  • 17 strawberries
  • 8 figs
  • 15 grapes
  • 5 peeled concord grapes
  • 10 raspberries
  • 17 red grapes


  1. 1 Place the strawberries in a circle around the edge of the tart then use your own artistic
  2. ability to finish decorating the tart.
  3. 2 Freeze for 3 hours and serve the semi-frozen tart.

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